The Strad elogia las Suites de Bach

Revista The StradLa prestigiosa revista inglesa “The Strad”, en su número de septiembre de 2010, ha seleccionado la reciente grabación de las suites de Bach, por Iagoba Fanlo para Arsis, como una de las interpretaciones más interesantes de la música del genial compositor alemán.

:: Reseña “Suites for Violoncello Solo“.

David Denton chooses the best from a recent glut of new accounts of Bach’s cello sonatas.
—————–”As the list of recordings of Bach’s six Cello Suites grows apace, it is worth recalling that seven decades ago the set was known only to a few inquisitive soloists. In more recent years we have gained much stylistc awareness from the period-instrument movement, and many of today’s permormers have integrated thes influences into their modern performing techniques…

A very different approach comes from the Spanish cellist Iagoba Fanlo (Arsis 4228;, whose elegant account is often so contemplative that the performance seems to be for his own pleasure. Rhythms are gently massaged and tempos often tailored to the creation of rapt tonal beauty. With the low notes of running passages gently leant on, the dances sway sensitively on his lightly bowed instrument. Sarabandes are stately and do not suffer the languors of other players, and I much enjoy Fanlo’s purposeful approach to the Allemande of the Sixth Suite. It’s a very personal view, but one I much enjoy, the sound supporting his intimate reading”.

The Strad. September 2010.

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